Designs on Gaming

Who doesn’t love games? I know I do. So after years of playing them, I started making them. Turns out, that’s even more fun. It’s the perfect place to use decades of experience in art and design. That's why I started They Say Play -  to make my own games, and help others with art and design on their projects.

A Great Start

It started with WHODIDS, a card game that helps kids have fun while getting things done. My kids were with me throughout the design and testing process. They made the game better and it really helped them. After launch, parents told me that playing the game was having the same positive effect on their kids. Sounds good to me.

What the Future Holds

New things are in the works at They Say Play and some surprises are on the way - from the WHODIDS universe and beyond.


A new look and new gameplay.

Board Games

Development continues on a few titles.

RPG Figures

You didn't even know you needed them.